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Camilo Cayazaya Miranda is a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) practitioner proud of his Latin American roots. His success stems from his love of and deep empathy for people from all walks of life, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, body shape or race. This, in combination with a passion for doing good through healthcare, fuels his endless learning and search for excellence.

Camilo never stops improving and building his evidence-based practice to provide better tailored advice for each person according to their needs and capacity. He has consistently achieved successes with some of the biggest organisations in Australia such as Alfred Health, Eastern Health, Monash Health and Outback Stores (NT) as a Dietitian, Food Service Researcher and Nutritionist. He has also self-funded trips to volunteer in Fiji as part of a team of Nutritionists, volunteered as a research assistant for a Monash University lecturer and PhD student, and worked as an intern writer with


In 2017, Camilo was elected the Monash Nutrition and Dietetics Society Vice President where he lead the club as Acting President to run several nutrition-focused events and resolve its long-standing debt. He went on to receive a scholarship in 2018 as an Access Monash Mentor helping disadvantaged secondary students find their career paths. Over the course of his studies, he has designed a nutrition eBook for Fijian school students with recipes from his colleagues, co-presented his team's findings to Fijian doctors who then halved the prediabetes testing age for the country, contributed to a healthy eating eBook for Monash Residential Services, edited a business eBook currently sold on Amazon, earned the fourth stripe on his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt and still earned a high distinction as a full-time postgraduate student.

Camilo's mission is simple: to champion social equity and provide support to those who need it most at individual and population levels. This mission gives him the energy to work relentlessly in pursuit of this goal and he has gained experience as both a nutrition professional and communicator across a wide range of settings, reaching out and connecting with socio-economically diverse and CALD groups through various mediums. He is proud to contribute to the wellbeing of others and continues to adapt to better serve those who need it most, even if it sometimes means patting himself on the back in third person.

Camilo continues to upskill and strive for continued excellence to best serve clients and patients from all walks of life through professional development and soft skills, with a current focus on eating disorders, FODMAP sensitivities and IBS, underpinned by weight-neutral care principles.


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Camilo holds a Master of Dietetics with Monash University and APD status with Dietitians Australia. He also holds a Bachelor of Communications with a double major in Journalism and Film from Murdoch University.